Human activities have introduced noise in the environment at a scale never experienced in the past hundred years. Both in air and in the oceans, noise is now considered as a major source of pollution but is unfortunately associated to all current oceanic operations, like shipping, navy exercises or fossil energy exploration as well as with the future development of sustainable energy, in particular offshore wind farms. While these developments are necessary and are being implemented, there is a need to control the effects of noise on the environment, especially on the marine fauna, and to provide the industry with tools that allow the immediate mitigation and the long-term monitoring of sound sources in areas of interest SONSETC. has developed a real-time detection, classification and tracking system of acoustic events that directly addresses this priority and can be custom provided in any hardware support, like permanent autonomous buoys, expendable units, cabled observatories, towed arrays, gliders, etc., depending on the necessity. The SONSETC. software automatically alerts the end-user of the presence of determined events and offers the possibility of engaging instantaneous mitigation actions that are the guaranty of the sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

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